About Oceans Treasure Sea Salts

Based off the southwest coast of Florida we search the world to provide you the greatest selection of gourmet sea salts and flavors. Our infused flavors come from flowers, oils, mountains, oceans, sands from all over the globe.

Our gourmet Himalayan salt products all come from mines deep within the Himalayan mountains mined from the hands of local farmers. This salt source, crystallized over 250 million years ago is considered the most purest in the world has not been exposed to the pollution effects of modern civilization and is recommended by health and culinary professionals as the top shelf line for its versatility and benefits. We carry salt, candles, glasses, cooking blocks, and lamps all from this pristine salt source.

Whether it’s our Fleur de Soul harvested off the Brittany coast of France, black truffle from Italy, roasted garlic from Mexico, or custom blends and flavors made with our own hands here in Florida you will find an assortment of tastes to expand your palette. We are constantly adding new products and searching the oceans of the world for new treasures!